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Tour of 3 days in Kutaisi, Batumi, and all between (Escort tour)

460 USD / per person 3 Days 3 Days
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Tour of 3 days in Kutaisi, Batumi, and all between (Escort tour)

per person
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Duration: 3 Days
Tour type: Escort tour
Departure/Return Location:  Kutaisi
Activity: Wine, culture & Adventure
Departure Time: In 2021
Languages: English


  • Group tour – 130$ per person

  • Private tour – Starting from 460$

Program of tour

  • Walking in Royal district of Kutaisi
  • Kutaisi history museum
  • Bagrati cathedral
  • Gelati & Motsameta monasteries
  • Wine testing and Georgian dinner at family winery
  • Old Batumi
  • Acharistskali water reservoir
  • Makhuntseti waterfall
  • Bridge of Makhuntseti
  • Mirveti waterfall
  • Prometheus cave
  • Martvili canyon
  • Okatse canyon


  1. Pick up and drop-down hotel by schedule
  2. Transportation 
  3. Service of guidance


  1. Flights tickets
  2. Accommodation
  3. Fees for entry.
  4. Off-road to the canyon of Okatse – 50 GEL per car (6 pax) (There are 2 routes on Okatse canyons) ​
  5. 7 km of a 3-hour walking route
  6. Three kilometres of off-road plus 1.5 kilometres of walking route.

Tickets for admission

Payments for entrances are not received. At the entrance of the destinations, you buy tickets
  • History Museum of Kutaisi – 3 GEL
  • Canyon Martvili – 17.25 GEL GEL (boat fee – 15 GEL)
  • Cave of Prometheus – 23 GEL (boat fee – 17.25 GEL)
  • Canyon Okatse – 17.25 GEL GEL

Dear respected visitor

Direct online booking for this tour is not available. Please contact us via email ( or whatsapp (+ 995 591 98 56 19) to make sure you get your confirmed seat(s).

  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    In 2021
  • Included
    Comfortable and air-conditioned transportation
    English speaking guide
  • Not Included
    Tour includes breakfast (except day 1)
    Meal (lunch / dinner) (as per schedule)
    Tour includes breakfast (according to program)
    Tour includes domestic flights
    Tour includes cruises
    please review above tour details
Day 1 – Kutaisi, Wine & dine
At 10 a.m., the tour will begin in Kutaisi's central square. Here is the guide on Georgia's and Kutaisi's history. After the fountain group, the statue of Sister "Ischkhnelebi" and "9 April" is in central Park.
Then we pass the city hall of the Kutaisi, the Opera House and go to the arch of "Mon Plasir." Then we go to the first gym and the white bridge, then go through the love park and visit the Palace of the Gold Marquee. Then go to "Mtsvane Bazari," the central food market. We go to the Kutaisi History Museum after a short shopping tour. From the museum, we go to the cathedral of Bagrati, overlooking the city. It is a symbol of united Georgia built in the 11th century. Then we move to the 12th century convent of Gelati.
The complex consists of three large churches, an academy, David the Builder's grave, the bell tower and the monk's houses. Built by King David the Builder, the greatest Georgian. Afterwards we walk to Motsameta Monastery, related to the story of David and Constantine Mkheidze, the tortured brothers. It has been built on the steep cliff and is 3 sides of the river. The monastery nature and colors are incredible.
We visite the "Baia's Wine" family winery in the town of Bagdati, village of Obcha. First, Baia and Gvantsa (the sister of Baia) show us the vineyard behind their home. Then we went to the wine cellar to try various kinds of wines. "Solikouri," "Krakhuna" and "Aladasturi" are produced, "Ojaleshi," "Otskhanuri Sapere," "Chacha" are produced. Then we sit at a big table filled with Georgian food. Your mother makes the best Imereian food you're ever going to try. We return to Kutaisi after a happy lunch and finish the tour at 20:00 in the central square.
Kutaisi Overnight
Day 2 – Batumi
The tour begins at 07:30 with a hotel selection in Kutaisi. The first stop is the square of Europe and Medea statue. Then we move to St. Nicholas Church and Piazza Square. We are going to the port of Batumi from here. Then group visits Ali & Nino's moving statue. The following stop is Batumi's alphabet tower. We walk down the boulevard and the dancing park of fountains. The Drama Theater Batumi and the statue of Neptune will be the last stop on our excursion. We have got lunch break here. At 2:00 p.m. we go to Makhuntseti and try to get off the heat of Batumi. The tour continues. The first stop is the Adjaristskali water reservoir.
We then head for Makhuntsety, which is one of Georgia's highest waterfalls. Then we will descend to the bridge built in the 14th century by King Tamar, where guests can save from the bridge and swim in a freezing mountain river. We must cross the hanging bridge and pass through the village at the following stop: Mirveti Waterfall. We go back to Batumi when we have visited every place.
Batumi overnight
Day 3 - Canyons & Cave
The trip begins at 06:30, with guests in Batumi being collected. At 9:00 am we stop for a 30 min breakfast in a cozy café in Kutaisi. The cave of Prometheus is 1.8 km long and 40 m below sea level after breakfast. There is a love hall in the cellar where people marry. You can enjoy the underpass here. Isn't that cool? It's lunch time in the meantime. Our breakfast is in Our Garden, a local restaurant where Georgian food is prepared most delicious in the vicinity. We head to the Martvili canyon after a delicious lunch. We will take a boat ride in the canyon here and explore the waterfall deeply. Okatse canyon is the last attraction on tour. This is Georgia's deepest canyon with hanging bridges and walks in the sky. There are two ways to get to the bridge: walk 3 kilometers and take a taxi. Off-roading is quite impressive. Finally, we go back to Kutaisi at 19:30 when we're exhausted and emotive.
Kutaisi Overnight

Kutaisi, Georgia

Batumi, Georgia

Martvili Canyon, Georgia

Okatse Canyon, Georgia

Prometheus Cave Natural Monument, Kumistavi, Georgia

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