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Istanbul and Seven Churches Tour in Turkey

1300 USD / per person 9 Days 8 Nights 9 Days 8 Nights
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Istanbul and Seven Churches Tour in Turkey

per person
To all our valued customers and dear visitors,
This is to draw your kind attention that we are in SILK ROAD DREAM TOURS only deal with the most prestigious as well as professional companies and agencies based in Turkey.
Together with them, we give you the opportunity to visit the centre of the Eastern Orthodox Church as well as other churches in Turkey. Our aim is for you to discover and witness history like you’ve never done before!
Duration: 9 Days 8 Nights
Departure/Return Location: ISTANBUL
Meals: 8 breakfast, 5 lunch, 6 dinner
Departure Time: The offer is valid for the period: from January 1 to December 31, 2022 (except for holidays and special occasions) – coordinate with us
Seven Churches:
  1. Ephesus
  2. Laodicea
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Thyateira
  5. Sandeis
  6. Pergomon
  7. Smyrna


  • 2 Nights Accommodation in IZMIR (HB)
  • 3 Nights Accommodation in ISTANBUL (BB)
  • 1 Nights Accommodation in KUSADASI (HB)
  • 1 Nights Accommodation in PAMUKKALE (HB)
  • 1 Nights Accommodation in BERGAMA (HB)
  • All airport transfers mentioned in the itinerary
  • 8 open buffet Breakfasts
  • 5 local lunches
  • 6 local dinner
  • PVT and SIC Tours mentioned in itinerary
  • English Speaking Tour Guide in Tours
  • All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary
  • Transportation mentioned in the itinerary
  • Domestic flights
  • Personal Expenses
  • Extra Tours which are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Drinks
  • International flights
  • Insurances
  • Turkey visa
  1. Not included in the package. (Healthy Insurances, personal expenses, extra tours which are not mentioned in itinerary, drink, lunch and dinner not specified in the itinerary, optional tours, international or domestic flights, insurances and Turkey visa)
  2. Prices are void after the deadline.
  3. If This hotel list not available at the time of your booking, then we will arrange similar other hotel. If you prefer a different category hotel, there might be an additional cost.
  4. Guests can replace sic tours with private tours. But this is subject to an additional fee.
  5. The prices in the offer are valid for the services and dates specified in the offer. İn case of date change, tour change and service addition, additional costs occur and new price is valid
  6. The personal responsibilities of the guests belong to them. Companies do not meet guests potential health problems.
  7. It is your agency’s responsibility to follow the validity date of the offer and payment deadlines.
  8. Additional fees and other responsibilities that may arise from the delay of payments belong to your agency.
  9. You should read and confirm the offers we send and After you confirm the offer we send you, we will assume that you have read and reviewed our proposal. And any additional charges and fees that may arise from subsequent changes are the responsibility of your agency.
  10. Hotels have been disinfected.
  11. It complies with social distance and mask rules in accordance with tours and hotel covid-19 pandemic.
  12. If Guests want to finish tour or go back to their hotel before the end of the tour, they should buy private transfer as extra charging or take a taxi by themselves. And for last minute transfer, they should wait private transfer minimum 1 hour.
  13. Breakfast generally is between 07:00-10:00 am in Hotels. Please consider this before confirm flights, please confirm your flight ticket according this information, because airport transfers are made before flight time, depends on traffic and distance.
  14. Program of regular (sic) tours cannot be changed.
  15. The itinerary may change due to different situation (weather, restrictions due to pandemic conditions, etc.). In case the tours are canceled and the hotels are not checked-in, the terms and conditions of the companies or hotels apply. Our company does not guarantee changes or refunds
  16. Vehicle will be used only fort he neccessary part of tours.
  17. Guest should be ready min. 15 minutes before pick up time.
  18. Guests are picked up from the hotel and returned to their hotel at the end of the tour.
  19. On regular tours with lunch, Turkish dishes are served in local restaurants. Our guests who want private transportation or different food should purchase private tours.
  20. Regular Sıc Tours are daily tours, they will be with tourists of various nationalities on vehicles and tours.
  21. There may be a cancellation or change in domestic flights due to the pandemic. Therefore, intercity buses are generally preferred in itinerary.
  22. Ticketing is made when guests or agencies who want a domestic flight for sure pay for the ticket. They can pay by money order or credit card. They are responsible for the price differences that may arise during this time. At the same time, our company is not responsible for any damages arising from changes or cancellations.
  23. Detailed package program will be sent after confirmation.

Dear respected visitor

Direct online booking for this tour is not available. Please contact us via email ( or whatsapp (+ 995 591 98 56 19) to make sure you get your confirmed seat(s).

  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    The offer is available from December 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021 (except for holidays - Christmas - New Year celebrations - Easter)
  • Included
    Meal (lunch / dinner) (as per schedule)
    Tour includes breakfast (according to program)
    Tour includes domestic flights
    Tour includes cruises
    Comfortable and air-conditioned transportation
    English speaking guide
  • Not Included
    Tour includes breakfast (except day 1)
    please review above tour details
On the time of your arrival to Istanbul airport the welcome staff will be waiting for you at the exit, after then, you will be transported to the hotel. Overnight in Istanbul
DAY 2- ISTANBUL Discovering the Old City (Full Day Tour) (Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hipodrom&Obelisk, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar) (Breakfast- Lunch)
After breakfast, pick-up from the hotel, meet your guide for Full Day Discovery-Old City Tout
The Hagia Sophia, the biggest church constructed by the East Roman Empire in Istanbul, it was used as a church for 916 years but, following the conquest of Istanbul by Faith Sultan Mehmed, the Hagia Sophia was converted into mosque. Afterwards, it was used as a mosque for 482 years. Under the order of Atatürk and the decision of the Council of Ministers, Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum in 1935. With the government decision taken in 2020, it started to be used again as a mosque. (Hagia Sophia Mosque closed on Friday mornings because of noon prayer)
The Blue Mosque (Called Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish) is an historical mosque in Istanbul. The Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 years, during the rule of Ahmed I. just like many other mosques, it also comprises a tomb of the founder, a madrasa and a hospice. (Blue Mosque closed on Friday mornings because of noon prayer)
Hippodrome of Constantinople, located in Sultanahmet/Istanbul, was a public arena mainly for chariot races. The oldest monument of Constantinople is the Obelisk in the Hippodrome, which was erected by the emperor Theodosius I in 390, but is in fact much, much older.
Topkapı Palace Museum, that exhibits the imperial collections of the Ottoman Empire and maintains an extensive collection of books and manuscripts in its library. It is housed in a palace complex that served as the administrative centre and residence of the imperial Ottoman court from about 1478 to 1856. It opened as a museum in 1924, a year after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. The Topkapı Palace Museum is notable not only for its architecture and collections but also for the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire that it recalls.
(Topkapı Palace closed On Tuesday replaced with İslamic Art Museum) In the end of tour, back to hotel.
Grand Bazaar, the oldest and the largest covered market place in the world is situated in the centre of the city. Grand Bazaar is the oldest and largest covered bazaar in the world with over than 4000 shops. In this labyrinth of shops, your guide is there to help you for the best experience.
(Grand Bazaar is closed on Sunday.)
In the end of tour, back to hotel.
DAY 3- IZMIR ARRIVAL (Breakfast, Dinner)
After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for domestic flight to Izmir. After arrival at the airport, transfer to Kusadasi and check in. Dinner at the hotel, overnight in Kusadasi.
DAY 4- KUSADASI- St. John, Ephesus Ancient City, House of Virgin Mary (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast, you leave for you r private Ephesus tour. Your first visit will be to the Basilica of St. John (St. Jean Aniti), which was a great church in Ephesus constructed by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century. It stands over the believed burial site of St. John, who is identified as the apostle, evangelist (author of the Fourth Gospel) and prophet (author of Revelation). Second, Temple of Arthemis: Considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Ephesus’ Temple of Artemis was dedicated to the goddess of the hunt. Only the foundation and one column remain of this temple which once measured 425 feet long, 220 feet long. Paul’s successful ministry in this city was considered a threat to this very temple. The city reached the "Golden Age" and became a good model to the Antic World in culture and art, as well. Next, visiting place is Ancient Ephesus: The best-preserved classic city in Eastern Mediterranean. The largest Open-Air Museum in Turkey. Ephesus contains more than 30 buildings and structures linked together by stress that still have the Marks of Ancient Chariot wheels. Great Theatre: St Paul preached against the Pegans and Gladiators once engaged in battle. Originally holding 25,000 people, this theatre was built in the Hellenistic period and was renovated by several Roman emperors. Designed for theatrical performances, later alterations allowed gladiatorial contests to be held here. Library of Celsus: The faced which has been remarkably restored and probably most photographed place in Ephesus. Originally built in 115-25.
Also you might see Odeon Temple, Fountain of Trajan, Temple of Hadrian, Stream baths of scholastic, Marble road, Agora, Temple of Domitian. After lunch in local Turkish restaurant continue to House of Virgin Mary: Mary was brought to Ephesus by the apostle john after the resurrection of Christ and lived her final days here. This church was Erected on the Foundations of that house and its authenticity has been confirmed by Pope lV and Pope John Poul ll. Many visitors Describe this as an uplifting or Spiritual Experience. Do not forget that we can organize a special ritual for our guests who are Catholic.
Overnight in Kusadasi.
DAY 5- PAMUKKALE, Laodicea, Hierapolis Tour (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Along the way, feast your eyes on the beautiful Turkish Villages view with lush olive trees. Road trip takes 2h 30min to Pamukkale; located in the province of Denizli this natural wonder is comprised of terraces and travertine formed by hot springs and streams depositing carbonate minerals. Pamukkale has gained eminence for its waters believed to have curative powers and been used as a thermal bath since centuries. Noted for its extraordinary characteristics, the ancient site has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988.
Located near to Pamukkale, Hierapolis was established in 200 BC by Eumenes II in dedication to the Amazon Queen Hiera, wife of Telephos the founder of Pergamum. Moreover, Hierapolis is an ancient cite that attracts worldwide attention for its majestic buildings and monuments. The ancient city of Hierapolis has lost its Hellenistic façade as a result of a series of earthquakes and gained a new facade reflecting the influences of Roman architecture during the reconstruction period. Among the major cities of the Byzantine period, Pamukkale became a crucial site to Christianity after one of the apostles of Jesus; St Phillip was murdered in this city. The city which fell under the rule of the Turks in the 9th century still preserves its value and significance as on its very first day. And Last, Laodicea, Denizli Proceed to Laodicea yet another of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor. We see the ancient theatre, the remains of basilica and ancient stone water pipes. We visit the Gate of Domitian, the Arcadian Way, the 2nd century AD Theatre, the Nymphaeum, the Temple of Apollo, the Plutonium and the Necropolis. Welcoming thousands of visitors for its ancient monuments and natural wonders every year, Denizli is waiting to welcome you as well!
Overnight in PAMUKKALE
DAY 6- MANISA-Thyateira, Philadelphia and Sardeis (Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner)
After breakfast, depart for the visit to Thyatira, “the adulterous church” that, as mentioned in the Revelations, tolerated the false prophets, Jezebel. It was a city famous for purple dyes. We visit the remains of a basilica and some architectural fragments from the Roman period. Lydia, the seller of purple in Philippi, was from Thyateira. Next, Philadelphia. and the only church not censured. There we see the remains of a Byzantine basilica built of brick, with a bit of high arch and some 11th century frescoes. And Last, Proceed to Sardes, “the dead church”, another of the Seven Churches of Revelation. Manias Province Today we depart early in the morning to one of the most picturesque areas of any of the Seven Churches of Asia. Sardeis, presently Start. This was the capital of the ancient Lydian kingdom of the 6th century BC, portrayed as a dying church. We visit the great Temple of Artemis and the Temple of Cybele, which became a Byzantine Church. We will also visit the restored gymnasium and reconstructed Synagogue. We also see the last several meters of the royal Persian Road from Susa to Sardis built by Cyrus the Great and the «golden» river Pactolus. Overnight in Bergama
DAY 7- IZMIR- Pergamon and Smyrna (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast, to Pergamum, “the compromising church”. Here we explore the impressive Acropolis, the steepest theatre in the world, the Asklepion, famous medical Centre of classical times, see the Altar of Zeus which is mentioned as the «Throne of Satan» in the book of Revelation, the marble columns of the Temple of Trajan and the Library which was foremost in the world and was long a rival of the equally famous Library of Alexandria in Egypt. Its wealth of volumes was estimated at over 200,000. It inspired the invention of parchment. We also visit the Red Basilica (St. John’s Church).
Next, then we will continue to Smyrna, “the suffering church”, the first settlement of Izmir.
Overnight in İzmir.
DAY 8- IZMIR ISTANBUL Bopshorus Dinner Cruise (Breakfast, Dinner) SIC/REGULAR TOUR
After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for domestic flight to Istanbul. After arrival at airport, transfer to Hotel.
Dinner Menu with Unlimited Local Alcoholic Drinks
Unlimited local Alcoholic Drinks (include a selection of local wine, beer, raki, vodka, gin and soft & hot drinks)
Dinner Menu with Unlimited Soft Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)
Unlimited soft and hot drinks (coke, fanta, sprite, juice, tea, coffee, etc)
Show Program; Welcome with Mehter, Whirling Dervish, Turkish Gypsy Dance, Caucasian Dance, Belly Dancer Group Show, Turkish Folk Dance, Rhythm Show, Belly Dancer, Professional DJ Performance
Dinner Menu; Cold Starters, Fresh Seasonal Salad, Entree Starter, Desert (Baklava & Fruit)
ENTREE (Main Dish with 4 options)
- Grilled Fish served with arugula, onion and lemon
  • - Grilled Chicken Steak served with rice and potatoes
  • - Grilled Meat Ball with served with rice and potatoes
  • - Vegetarian Meal (pasta with vegetables)
After breakfast check out from the hotel, depending on your flight time, transfer you to the airport. This is the end of your tour and we hope to welcome you again.

Tayakadın, Istanbul Airport (IST), Tayakadın İhsaniye Yolu, Arnavutköy/İstanbul, Turkey

İstanbul, Turkey

İzmir, Turkey

Kuşadası, Aydın, Turkey

Acarlar, Ephesus, Selçuk/İzmir, Turkey

Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey

Laodicea Pontica, Ladik/Samsun, Turkey

Hierapolis, Pamukkale/Denizli, Turkey

Manisa, Turkey

Hürriyet, Thyateira Tepe Mezarları, Akhisar/Manisa, Turkey

Philadelphia, Alaşehir/Manisa, Turkey

Zafer, Sardis, Belediye Cd., Salihli/Manisa, Turkey

Bergama, İzmir, Turkey

Smyrna, İzmir, Turkey

Bosphorus, Turkey

Tour Location

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