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Tsikhisdziri is a climatic health resort, which is located 19 kilometers north of Batumi, on the homonymous hill, at a height of 60 – 70 m above sea level.
The resort is aimed at adults, the elderly. Specificity resort: health and fitness resort..
Tsikhisdziri territory is inhabited since ancient times. Due to excellent location, in the VI century Byzantine emperor built the city of Petra. Therefore, in the city you can see the old fortress of Petra – “Enchanted”, which is built in the 6th century..
Beaches of the resort are divided into two parts – North and South. Southern pebble beaches differ by deep coast. This makes them attractive for divers..
On the northern beaches on the contrary – the shore is low, which makes it convenient for swimming, and therefore more popular.
The resort is also known as a wellness center. Sea air and salt baths are perfect for families with respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system.
On the green slopes of Tsikhisdziri, restaurants, cafes, bars and bungalows are located in the beautiful gardens and parks.
Select your wishes – Arrival time – Number of days – Do you want to spend your whole vacation here – Or you want to be here only part of the holiday – What is the right hotel for your possibilities (collect your ideas and send your request – and leave the rest to us)