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Suleymaniye Mosque – Istanbul

The Süleymaniye Mosque is an Ottoman imperial mosque located on the Third Hill of Istanbul, Turkey. The mosque was commissioned by Suleiman the Magnificent and designed by the imperial architect Mimar Sinan. An inscription specifies the foundation date as 1550 and the inauguration date as 1557. The mosque was built by the Ottoman sultan Suleyman (r. 1520–1566) and the mosque was named after him. The mosque is located at the highest end of the city of Istanbul. It is designed to glorify the sultan. Construction of this mosque began before 1550 and was nearly completed in 1557.Sultan Suleyman used Mimar Sinan (d. 1588), the greatest engineer and architect of his time for the work of this mosque.The architecture and craftsmanship of the mosque are very beautiful and attract many worshipers and visitors.