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The Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine was open  in January 1969.
The most ancient collections are the archeological finds, discovered in the Ukrainian territory mostly during the twentieth century.
There are various decorations of ancient people, their weaponry, horses harness, ritual vessels, etc. These original objects reflect the culture of the nomadic Cimmerians, Scythians and Sarmatians who ruled on the Ukrainian lands since the 9th century BCE till the 4th century CE. Many adornments were created for the nomadic elite by the goldsmiths from the Greek cities that appeared on the Northern Shore of the Black Sea since the mid 7th century BCE.
Since the 4th century CE the steppes saw a succession of Turkic tribes arriving from Asia. So the Middle Age collection houses the decorations of Huns, Avars, Khazars, Cumans and other nomads from the 4th – 14th centuries
The highlights of the Museum are  the most ancient silver  decorations of the Early Slavs (6th – 8th centuries) and the works by the goldsmiths of the Kyivan Rus (9th – early 13th centuries). There are also outstanding collections of Ukrainian Goldsmithery and the works by the goldsmiths of Russia from the 16th – early 20th centuries. The MHTU also houses magnificent collections of Silver Judaica and European Silver.