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Green Cape is one of the most attractive resorts of Adjara. The resort is located 72 meters above sea level, 9 km from Batumi. The climate is subtropical, with plenty of heat and moisture. Summer is hot.
The main attraction of this resort is the legendary botanical garden. On the basis of the garden is a research station, dealing with issues of acclimatization and introduction into the country of new subtropical cultures brought here from all over the world..
Medicines: sun and air baths, sea bathing (May to November). Treatment of patients with respiratory diseases of tubercular character, secondary anemia is possible.
Green Cape has landscaped hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Riverside Verde is an incredibly pleasant place for fans of not only swimming and sunbathing, but also diving.
Select your wishes – Arrival time – Number of days – Do you want to spend your whole vacation here – Or you want to be here only part of the holiday – What is the right hotel for your possibilities (collect your ideas and send your request – and leave the rest to us)